Private Equity Investment

Cooperating closely with the world’s private equity fund managers, Meta Elephant Capital aims to seize the investment opportunities occurred from global high-tech innovations.  The firm’s cross-cycle and cross-industry private equity funds are suitable for investors who can bear higher risks and prefer higher returns and have long-term investment expectations.

The firm has been focusing on innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data, robotics, electric vehicles, energy storage, biotechnology, gene sequencing, metaverse, web 3.0 and other blockchain technology-related fields.

Quantitative Fund

Meta Elephant Capital’s is working on its quantitative fund, which selects investment targets and make investment decisions and transactions purely via AI algorithms and mathematical models. The investment decisions are based entirely on strategic models and are not affected by subjective emotions and preferences of investment managers. Various factors such as fundamental factors, growth factors, and value factors are extracted from big data by computer AI algorithm and used to build up investment portfolios.

Web 3.0 & Blockchain Investment

Web 3.0, i.e., the third generation of the Internet, is a new generation of internet concept based on blockchain technology, to build a decentralized, secure, and stable network system with autonomous user content and permissions. Web 3.0 also promotes the iteration and development of the metaverse and artificial intelligence.It has formed a quite complex yet marvellous ecosystem among web 3.0, including the metaverse, NFT, multi-public chains, DeFi, GameFi, etc. With rapid expansion and development, the Web 3.0 system has been attracting blockchain enthusiasts, venture capitalists and attentions of big high-tech companies.

As a visionary firm who is particularly into innovative and high-tech investments, Meta Elephant has been fully aware of the investment potentials brought about by Web 3.0.  With the integration of capital, technology and resources, web 3.0 has been empowering and connecting the whole blockchain economy. Our Web3.0 and blockchain investment team is dedicated to exploring top-tier projects and targets in this new era to help investors maximize their rewards.


Decentralization is a distinctive feature of Web 3.0. Decentralization enables users independently manage their own information and identity, better protect privacy and ownership.


Web 3.0 provides a safe and reliable infrastructure for the Metaverse by implementing its unique concepts of user autonomy, community governance model, reward mechanism and others.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Data under Web 3.0 can be transferred freely and integrated wherever needed, providing a huge amount of training data for AI.

EAM (External Asset Management) Services

Meta Elephant Capital has been focusing on providing financial services to high-net-worth individual clients, shareholders of listed companies, institutional clients, and family offices in China and overseas. Through our international asset management channels, we provide clients with a variety of investment products upon their different levels of risk preferences.

As a global platform that combines the world’s top private banks, our EAM system allows family customers to enjoy the best private banking services and meet all the family’s unique investment needs.

Cooperating with the world’s top-tier private banks, securities firms and insurance companies, Meta Elephant Capital can open accounts for clients all over the world, including Switzerland, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Singapore etc. We also establish cooperations with other private banks or securities firms favored by clients, to provide reliable asset-allocation services and tailor-made investment strategies for clients globally.

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Family Trust and Wealth Planning

Our wealth management team is highly experienced in serving ultra-high-net-worth family clients. Focusing on discretionary investment services and integrating the group’s resources, we are dedicated to providing clients with a full range of family wealth management services, including family trust establishment, asset allocation, tax planning, overseas education planningand other value-added services, so as to achieve the continuation of financial capital. Together with our trust partners and other professional institutions, we deliver unique and comprehensive wealth planning solutions to guide your family to inherit your wealth, business, and governance.

Family Trust

Family Trust

Family inheritance include not only the inheritance of family assets from generation to generation, but also the inheritance of family vision and values. Together with Trust partners, we assist clients to realize the protection and inheritance of family assets and family businesses, and awareness of self-governance of family business.

Overseas Asset Allocation

Overseas Asset Allocation

Through global asset allocation, clients can benefit from various investment opportunities, migrate investment risks, and at the same time, effectively diversify their assets through multi-currency, multi-category, and multi-regional investment strategies.

International Insurance Referral

International Insurance Referral

Professional licensed consultants of our international insurance brokerage business partners, provide you with the most comprehensive international insurance advisory services, including life insurance, critical illness insurance, high-end medical insurance, saving insurance, universal life insurance, and policy loan, etc.

Tax Planning

Tax Planning

Business families have an increasing demand for global tax planning, with the continuous implementation of CRS information exchange, offshore economic substance requirements, beneficial owner declaration, etc. Through extensive cooperation with senior tax partners, we can assist wealthy families to rationally design company structures and optimize taxation while complying with tax laws and regulations.

International Residency and Domicile Planning

International Residency and Domicile Planning

"Identity planning" covers nationality status, tax status, etc., which is an indispensable and important part of ultra-high-net-worth families in terms of family wealth, education, and business planning. Our expertise can help clients to choose best immigration plans to meet their business expansion and wealth inheritance.

Education Planning

Education Planning

Together with our partners, Meta Elephant Family Office provides comprehensive and customized future education services to our clients. Through the cooperation of global education experts and top international educational institutions, we are committed to cultivating outstanding successors for Chinese families.